Cabinet Papers

1990 NSW Cabinet Papers

Cabinet papers are significant historical documents as they reflect decisions made at the highest levels of government

1989 NSW Cabinet Papers

Highlights from the 1989 NSW Cabinet Papers

A searchable index of NSW Cabinet Decisions 1989

Contextual Essay “Warm, Dry and Green” – Release of the 1989 Cabinet Papers by Dr David Clune

1988 NSW Cabinet Papers

Notable Events 1988 - Cabinet Papers - Luna Park

1988 was a big year in NSW politics. Here are the highlights from the Cabinet Papers

Changing of the Guard and a New Era of Reform

NSW Cabinet Decisions - Coat of Arms

A searchable index of NSW Cabinet Decisions 1988

1987 NSW Cabinet Papers

Highlighted events and guide by historian Professor Paul Ashton

A searchable index of NSW Cabinet Decisions from 1 January 1987 to 1 September 1987