Learn how to access these patient records and find out what they can reveal.

How to find all the details of NSW bankruptcy and insolvency records. 

N.S.S. Nautical School Ship Sobraon - on the deck. NRS-4481-2-4-8624-806

The NSW State Government has played a role in the care and protection of children since the early days of the colony. This webinar explores the records of the 19th century institutions, schools and asylums that housed orphans and destitute children; the juvenile reformatories that cared for...

Learn about the divorce records in our collection. 

Marriage: Love and Law

Learn how we put together this exhibition and explore some of the fantastic stories we uncovered.


Sydney had an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in the years 1900-1908.

A snapshot of how to use digital shipping lists.

Indents list convicts transported to NSW

Breaking into a chain of title may be easier than you think


Highlighting our collection of Hotel Plans for the Sydney area.

Railway personal history cards for people born before 1900

How to make sense of all of the details on a parish map

Tagging helps you quickly return to items and make them more discoverable to other users.

A look at these photographs, some of which date back to the 1850's. 

Deceased estate files, 1880-1958 are the companion to our Probate packets. See what you can find in the files.

We have digitised a quantity of these beautiful and informative drawings.

This Census covers some 36,500 inhabitants, both convict and free.

How to use our online indexes in your local history research

Collection Search is a powerful single search tool that provides access to the 1.9 million items in the archives.

The Colonial Secretary's Office was a central point of contact for many people in the 19th century.

Tips and techniques to find all the details of NSW probate records.

Explores the records of public servants that are held in our collection. 

Cronulla Beach, no date. Digital ID 12932_a012_a012X2441000048

An introduction to the NSW State Archives photographic collection.

CROPPED Willoughby - Survey of part of the north Shore shewing the boundaries of the land grant to Alfred Thrupp and Robt, 20 Sep 1828. Digital ID NRS13886[X751]_a110_000031

Early land grants and records of the occupation of Crown land pre-1856.

Newcastle Court House. Digital ID 4481_a026_000535

Bench of Magistrates, Courts of Petty Sessions and Local Courts records.


Marriage and divorce records in the NSW State archives. 


Sources and techniques to find all the details of your gaolbird ancestor.

Use heat to remove sticky tape

Learn about the basic things you can do at home to protect your precious documents.

Henry Parkes - passenger entry on the Strathfieldsay, arrived 25 July 1839, NRS 5316 4-4784-0129

Learn about the wonderful resources we hold to help locate the arrival of an ancestor in NSW.

Staff from the Eveleigh workshops standing in front of a C3806 locomotive as it prepares for a trial trip. Digital ID 17420_a014_a014000222

An introduction to the wide variety of railway records in our collection.

Supreme Court, King Street, Sydney. NRS-4481-2-4-8603-408

Records of the Higher Courts include the Court of Quarter Sessions, the District Court and the Supreme Court.

Unidentified house NRS-4481-2-4-8634-1001

How to find house and property records in the collection. 

Restoring the Great Sydney Station Honour Board

Presented by Bill Phippen of the Australian Railway Historical Society.

Gulargambone Public School NRS-15051-1-16-858-12

How to research students, teachers and school sites in the NSW State school system.

This webinar explains how to start (NSW) convict research using the archives. 

Carrs Creek Public School - Mr and Mrs Thomas Ross and family - school teacher Carrs Creek and Cundletown 1905-1911. Digital ID 15051_a047_002592

Learn about the various ways you can trace people by first looking at where they were.

Nurse weighing baby at the Bourke St Baby Clinic, c.1914. Digital ID 4873_a004_a004000006r

Tips for finding women in the archives - at work, in family life, in the care of institutions and in death.