May 12 - International Nurses day

Today is International Nurses Day.  Nurses have long played an important role in the hospitals of NSW.

An interesting story from the Archives

Lucy Osburn - In 1868, at the behest of Henry Parkes, Nightingale trained nurse Lucy Osburn arrived from London to take up the position of Lady Superintendent at the Sydney Infirmary.

Accompanying Osburn were five probationer nurses trained at the same institution. All were to be employed by the New South Wales Government for an initial period of three years.

Osburn devoted sixteen years of her life to the Sydney Infirmary eventually retiring in 1884. During this period she established the Nightingale system of nursing in Sydney, and in doing so became an instigator of significant nursing reform throughout the Colony.

Major changes included the incorporation of nursing training sessions into the daily hospital routine, the raising of hygiene standards, the introduction of uniforms and the emergence of nursing as an exclusively female occupation.

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