14 Feb 1916 - Liverpool Riot

#OnThisDay 14 February 1916 thousands of soldiers from the Liverpool military camp took strike action after a new training syllabus was introduced throughout the Australian Imperial Forces. The main change was an increase in the time recruits spent drilling from 35 hours to 40½ hours a week. 

There had been several earlier protests regarding conditions at the overcrowded camp and the increase in drilling practice was the last straw for many recruits. They marched and rioted through the streets of Liverpool before catching trains into Sydney and marching down George Street. The riot ended with a skirmish at Central Railway Station where one soldier was shot dead and six others were injured. The riot, seen by the military authorities as a mutiny, took many Sydney-siders by surprise but it can be seen as the culmination of ongoing problems that existed at the Liverpool military camp.

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