14 Mar 1863 - Goulburn proclaimed a City

#OnThisDay 14 March 1863 Goulburn was proclaimed a City, becoming the first inland city in New South Wales. Goulburn is 195km southwest of Sydney in the Southern Tablelands.

This was the first time Goulburn was proclaimed a city. It was proclaimed a city a second time on 20 March 1885.

Goulburn holds the unique distinction of being proclaimed a City on two occasions. The first, unofficial, proclamation was claimed by virtue of Royal Letters Patent issued by Queen Victoria on 14 March 1863 to establish the Diocese of Goulburn... The Letters Patent held authority only over those who submitted to it voluntarily, and then only within the context of the Church – it had no legal civil authority or implications... However, under the authority of the Crown Lands Act 1884 (48. Vict. No. 18), Goulburn was officially proclaimed a City on 20 March 1885removing any lingering doubts as to its status.

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