19 Mar 1932 - Sydney Harbour Bridge opened

#OnThisDay 19 March 1932 the Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened. 

Construction began on 28 July, 1923. The contractors set up two workshops at Milson's Point on the North Shore where the steel was fabricated into girders. The granite for the pylons was quarried near Moruya, where about 250 workers and their families lived in a temporary settlement. The two arches met at the centre of the span on 19 August 1930 at 10pm. The two half arches were fabricated from steel in workshops before being loaded onto barges and towed into position. The arches were then lifted up by two 580 tonne electrically operated creeper cranes. The arch spans 503m and the summit is 134m above sea level. Steel decking was then hung from the arches over the next nine months. Read more in the Sydney Harbour Bridge Guide »


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