25 Aug 1824 - Legislative Council of NSW

#OnThisDay 25 August 1824 the first meeting of the Legislative Council of NSW was held in Government House in Sydney.

The Legislative Council had five members appointed by Britain's Secretary of State and was presided over by Governor Brisbane. The members were all holders of public office: the Colonial Secretary, Major Frederick Goulburn, the Chief Justice Francis Forbes, the Surveyor General John Oxley, the Principal Surgeon James Bowman and the Lieutenant Governor, Colonel William Stewart. 

By the next year the Council had seven members and included some Colonists not holding public office, like landowner, John Macarthur. An Executive Council was also created in 1825. The Legislative Council had no real law-making power as only the Governor could initiate a bill and he maintained veto powers. 

The first act, a Currency Act, was passed on 28 September 1824.


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