7 Sep 1794 - Mary Haydock married Thomas Reibey

#OnThisDay 7 September 1794 a 17-year old convict, Mary Haydock, married Thomas Reibey, a junior officer on the store ship Britannia. Thomas died in 1811 and Mary Reibey went on to manage and enlarge their trading and mercantile business. Mary Reibey died in 1855 and was later the face on the $20 Australian banknote.


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Mary Reibey is one of the most famous early convict women in the colony of New South Wales. A convicted horsethief, Mary went on to run an extensive importing and mercantile business and there are numerous references to her business dealings, liquor licences, land grants and purchases throughout the State archives.  Although Mary was a very successful business woman she took time out for more philanthropic pursuits. For example, in 1825 she became one of the governors of the Free Grammar School.

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