Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Cecil Pierpont

Cecil Pierpont, a 37 year old musician from England, was photographed at Parramatta Gaol on 20 October 1903 while serving a twelve month sentence for false pretences.

Under the pseudonym Cecil R. Aubrey, Pierpont arrived at Blackheath in or about June 1903 and took up residence in a boarding house. He appeared as a well-dressed man with education, eloquence and manners and advertised his services as a piano and organ tuner. After a period of about six weeks, Pierpont announced to the Blue Mountains community that he had come into a baronetcy and was now Sir Cecil Aubrey Pierpont. He claimed his title carried an income of £3000 but would need some local assistance to tide himself over until the arrival of the first instalment of his fortune. See the full story in the e-catalogue (p. 78) »

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