Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Willie and Jacky

Willie Kenambury, a 24 year old tracker, was photographed at Albury Gaol on 10 January 1894 while on remand for murder. His co-accused, Jacky Bullyell, 25 years old, was also a tracker. Both men were from Fraser Island, Queensland.

Willie and Jacky had been extradited to Albury from Queensland following a lengthy man-hunt by Victorian, NSW and Queensland police. They were accused of having speared and robbed Polish man Severyn Mursckewicz on his property at Dora Dora, near Albury, on 2 May 1891. Prior to then, they had been working as trackers for the Victorian Police at Benalla, having been brought there from Brisbane in 1890...Over the next two and a half years, Willie and Jacky evaded police capture using their highly tuned bush survival skills as they travelled throughout NSW and Queensland. See the full story in the e-catalogue (p. 54) ยป

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