Sydney Observatory records


An eyewitness account of Halley’s Comet reported by John Dunlop, Superintendent of the Parramatta Observatory, in 1835. Workbooks cataloguing Australia’s early attempts to photograph the stars for a project launched by the Paris Observatory in 1887. A series of original maps of the Carte du Ciel (literally 'Map of the Sky') initiated by Ernest Amédée Barthélemy Mouchez (24 August 1821 – 29 June 1892) at observatories in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Algiers. This webinar takes a look at records from Sydney Observatory held in our Collection, and those of an earlier observatory based in Parramatta - together the provide an intriguing resource for the history of science in Australia.

Categories: Research
Friday, 20 August 2021 - 10:30am Register