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Mini Webinars Library - Learn in minutes

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area files
Recorded on: Friday, 23 Apr 2021
Inquests 1942-1963
Recorded on: Friday, 19 Mar 2021
Port Macquarie Small Debts Register
Recorded on: Friday, 26 Feb 2021
Webinar: Crown Plans
Recorded on: Friday, 05 Feb 2021
Mini webinar: Bubonic Plague register
Recorded on: Friday, 18 Dec 2020
Mini webinar: Researching local history using Collection Search
Recorded on: Friday, 04 Dec 2020
Mini webinar: Stamp Duties Deceased estate files
Recorded on: Friday, 13 Nov 2020
Mini webinar: Probate packets
Recorded on: Friday, 30 Oct 2020
Mini webinar: Gaol photographs
Recorded on: Friday, 09 Oct 2020


In-depth Webinars Library

Webinar: Restoring the Great Sydney Station Honour Board
Recorded on: Friday, 04 Dec 2020
Restoring the Great Sydney Station Honour Board
Webinar: Records of the Higher Courts
Recorded on: Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020
Supreme Court, King Street, Sydney. NRS-4481-2-4-8603-408
Women in the archives
Recorded on: Friday, 16 Oct 2020
Nurse weighing baby at the Bourke St Baby Clinic, c.1914. Digital ID 4873_a004_a004000006r
Was your ancestor in business? Business and trade records in the NSW State Archives Collection
Recorded on: Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020
King Street King Street near corner of George Street - showing miscellaneous variety of unsightly and unsuitable verandahs, awnings, signboards. NRS-745-1-X742B-X742B-8
Children in Care in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Recorded on: Friday, 19 Jun 2020
N.S.S. Nautical School Ship Sobraon - on the deck. NRS-4481-2-4-8624-806
Webinar: School records
Recorded on: Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020
Gulargambone Public School NRS-15051-1-16-858-12
Webinar: Researching your house and property
Recorded on: Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020
Unidentified house NRS-4481-2-4-8634-1001
Photographs in the NSW State Archives collection
Recorded on: Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019
Cronulla Beach, no date. Digital ID 12932_a012_a012X2441000048
Pre-1856 land tenure records
Recorded on: Thursday, 24 Oct 2019
CROPPED Willoughby - Survey of part of the north Shore shewing the boundaries of the land grant to Alfred Thrupp and Robt, 20 Sep 1828. Digital ID NRS13886[X751]_a110_000031
New Collection Search
Recorded on: Friday, 30 Aug 2019
Tracing Government employees
Recorded on: Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019
Sample from the Botanic Gardens and Government Domains Employees Index. Digital ID NRS13129_X1600_007-008
Records of the Lower Courts
Recorded on: Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
Newcastle Court House. Digital ID 4481_a026_000535