Unrealised Sydney presents a fascinating insight into the future of our city as it was imagined in the past.

Unrealised Sydney

1900s-1940s - A new exhibition showcases snapshots of a city – highlights from a treasure-trove of images taken by the NSW Government Printing Office Photographic Branch.

Online Exhibition

Photographic images are powerful. They can elicit an emotional response – be it wonder, curiosity, sadness or distress – and the sharing of stories. We invite you to take part in this exhibition.

A Thousand Words

At Western Sydney

On the urban fringes of Australia’s major cities, new suburbs are constantly being developed. Offering home and land packages—including the latest mod cons—prospective residents can see the ‘suburban dream’ taking shape. Desirable and attainable, today’s suburban dream has a past.

Electric Domestic - Suburban dreams, modern lives