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Through the lens: Central Railway Station, Sydney
Snapshots of government architecture - this digital gallery highlights the transformation of Sydney's Central Railway Station from its opening in 1855 to 1921 when the clock tower was completed.
How to remove sticky tape from documents?
This is a frequently asked question in the Conservation lab. Conservators use a number of methods to remove sticky tape and one of the most effective can be attempted at home.
Tips for reading handwritten documents
Reading old handwriting can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle. Here are some tips for reading the archives
This week in History 7-14 July
1904 the streets of Sydney were lit by electricity for the first time (8th); 1836 Rueben Uther, a notable Colonial merchant and hat maker, requested more convict labour to work in his hat factory (12th); 1945 Ben Chifley became Prime Minister of Australia (13th); 1792 the British Home Secretary authorised Governor Arthur Phillip to make land grants to civil personnel and military officers (14th).
New Index available
Thanks to the wonderful work of the State Records volunteers the Index to Registers of Nurses 1926-54 is now available online.
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