New Regulatory Framework and RMAT

NSW State Archives and Records has released a new Regulatory Framework for the State Records Act 1998 and Records Management Assessment Tool (RMAT).

The Regulatory Framework describes our approach to regulating records management and recordkeeping, and how we will use the powers in the State Records Act 1998 to support our regulatory activities.

At the heart of our Regulatory Framework is a responsive regulatory approach which enables us to use coordinated, responsive and risk-informed practices to improve compliance through cooperative and collaborative engagement with public offices.

The Records Management Assessment Tool is a self-assessment tool which will assist public offices assess:

  • current status of the records and information governance programs
  • plan for improvements within public offices to embed good practices and processes in managing records, information and data, and
  • measure progress in capability and maturity in meeting requirements of the State Records Act 1998.

The questions in the RMAT are focused on the management of records, information and data in NSW public offices, and how these practices align with requirements in the State Records Act. They highlight the links between records management and regulations for cyber security, privacy, data sharing, open data and information access (GIPAA).