Recordkeeping Monitoring Exercise

This year’s formal recordkeeping monitoring activity has commenced.

Section 12(4) of the State Records Act 1998 requires each public office to report on its records management program in accordance with arrangements made with NSW State Archives and Records. Your organisation will be able to meet its reporting requirements by submitting a RMAT assessment to us during the reporting period 1 April - 29 April 2022

This is the first monitoring exercise conducted by NSW State Archives and Records in nine years. We ask that each public office commit to a comprehensive assessment of their organisation and make their best efforts to submit a response by the deadline.

The RMAT assessment will provide extremely useful information for your organisation, as well as providing baseline data to NSW State Archives and Records on the state of recordkeeping in NSW Government.

We will publish a summary level report of results of the monitoring exercise on our website and in our Annual Report in the first quarter of 2022-23. Public offices will also be able to access their submission and associated reports in the monitoring portal from July 2022.

If you have any queries about making a submission in this year's Recordkeeping Monitoring Activity, please contact the Recordkeeping Standards and Advice team at