State Records Act 1998 review and the Historic Houses Act 1980

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Issues will be conducting an inquiry in response to policy positions referred to them by The Hon Don Harwin MLC, Special Minister of State, and Minister for the Public Service and Employee Relations, Aboriginal Affairs, and the Arts.

The matter has bearing on both the State Records Act 1998 and the Historic Houses Act 1980.

The proposed changes apply to the current administrative arrangements of State Archives and Sydney Living Museums, and involve the creation of a new agency designated to fulfil the current legislative responsibilities of both organisations.

These proposed reforms are intended to achieve the following four policy outcomes:

a) That the stories that shape the social, historic & cultural identity of NSW are widely shared & understood

b)  That records of enduring value to the citizens of NSW are managed, preserved & made accessible

c) That citizens have timely access to records documenting the activities & decisions that shape NSW & the lives of its citizens

d) That NSW public offices create, keep & protect records as evidence of their activities & decisions.

The complementary nature of the documentary and built heritage assets and collections cared for by State Archives and Sydney Living Museums means that the proposed formation of a unified Institution opens up boundless opportunities for the delivery of compelling, heterogeneous stories about our social, historical and cultural identity to enrich the lives of current and future generations. The proposal equally allows for a strong approach to collection management, acquisition, preservation and conservation of the significant places and collections cared for by both organisations.

The potential outcomes present amazing opportunities for us and will be a significant milestone in the history of this state.

The documents tabled as part of the review include Terms of Reference, a policy paper and the referral letter from the Minister to the Committee. These documents are able to be accessed via the links below.

You are invited to make a submission through the link below.

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Submissions are required by 9 April 2020.

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