22 Oct 1864 - Rookwood Cemetery Railway line opened

#OnThisDay 22 October 1864 the Rookwood Cemetery Railway Line opened. The land that became the Rookwood Cemetery (officially called the Rookwood Neocropolis) was purchased by the Government in 1862 from the estate of Edward Cohen. As the site at Haslem's Creek was some distance from the centre of Sydney it was decided to build a spur line and eventually four railway stations were built in the Cemetery grounds. Services ran twice a day for mourners and coffins until the late 1930s but was revived during World War II.

19 Oct 1872 - largest gold nugget discovered

#OnThisDay 19 October 1872 the Beyers and Holtermann nugget, the largest single piece of reef gold ever discovered in the world was found by workers of the Star of Hope Mining Company at Hill End. Hill End was a gold mining township in central-west NSW and in the town's heyday there were more than 200 companies working there.

The Beyers and Holtermann nugget weighed about 286 kg and was 150cm by 66cm.

11 Oct 1906 - NSW Coat of Arms

#OnThisDay 11 October 1906 the Coat of Arms of New South Wales was granted by Royal Warrant. The Coat of Arms depicts a rising sun, with lion and kangaroo supporters and a shield with blue (azure) field with silver (argent) cross voided red (gules). The cross has a gold (or) star on each arm and a gold (or) lion in the centre. There are golden fleece in the first and fourth quarters and a wheat sheaf in the second and third quarters of the cross.