20 May 1867 - Vernon nautical school admissions

#OnThisDay 20 May 1867 applications for admission to the nautical school-ship, the Vernon, commenced. The Vernon was purchased by the Colonial Secretary in January 1867 and moored in Sydney Harbour. It was intended that vagrant and destitute boys would receive moral, nautical and industrial training along with elementary schooling. 

The Vernon was replaced with the Sobraon in November 1892.

17 May 1893 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited Australia

#OnThisDay 17 May 1893 Archduke Franz Ferdinand arrived in Sydney for a private visit. His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este was on a world tour on board the SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth. He spent much of his time in Australia hunting in the NSW outback near the towns of Nyngan and Narromine.

The Archduke's assassination in 1914 was one of the catalysts for the beginning of World War I.

15 May 1888 - Publication of The Dawn

#OnThisDay 15 May 1888 Louisa Lawson started publishing the Dawn in Sydney. The Dawn was a monthly journal for women that combined household hints, stories and fashion with political comment on topics such as female suffrage. It was an immediate success and continued to be printed for seventeen years. At the journal's height of popularity it employed 10 female staff, including female printers.

13 May 1932 - Premier Jack Lang dismissed

#OnThisDay 13 May 1932 the NSW Premier, Jack Lang, was dismissed from office by NSW Governor Sir Philip Game. Lang is the only Premier of an Australian state to have been dismissed by the state Governor. The NSW government had accumulated large loans and during the Great Depression could not meet the interest payments. Lang found himself in a stand-off with the Commonwealth Government and withdrew £1 million of NSW Government money from the bank to prevent the Commonwealth Government from seizing it.

6 May 1873 - state funeral for Wm Wentworth

#OnThisDay 6 May 1873 a State funeral was held in honour of William Wentworth, who had died in England on March 20, 1872. Wentworth was well-known as an explorer (he found a route over the Blue Mountains along with Blaxland and Lawson), as an entrepreneur (he founded The Australian, NSW's first privately owned newspaper), as a politician (he was elected to the Legislative Council in 1843) and as landowner (he built Vauclause House and the surrounding estate).