Pre-order probate form

How to pre-order Probate Packets

Simply fill out the form below. The probate series are numbered from 1-5 and it is essential that you specify which series the probate packet you require is from:

  • Series 1: April 1817 - c. May 1873
  • Series 2: 1873 - 1876
  • Series 3: 1876 - c.1890
  • Series 4: c. 1890 onwards
  • Series 5: 1989 only at State Records

This is a rough approximation of the years in each series. Your final reference should be the Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index or Archives Investigator.

You need to have a reader's ticket to view the original records.

We recommend that you place your pre-order at least TWO working days prior to your planned visit.

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