'Old Register' - registers of assignments and other legal instruments

Old Register DVD

The NSW Department of Lands in conjunction with State Records launched an exciting joint publishing initiative - a DVD which contains the index, compiled by Lois Sabine, and digital copies of some of the State's earliest legal records.

The nine volumes of Registers of assignments and other legal instruments, known as the 'Old Register' (NRS 5604), provide a valuable insight into this State's colonial history from 1794 to 1824. They include information on:

  • land transactions
  • domestic legal matters such as affidavits, bills of sale and bonds
  • whaling and shipping agreements
  • a variety of deeds
  • letters of power of attorney
  • names of early colonists, and
  • place names within Sydney and the colony.

All proceeds from the DVD's sale will go towards the conservation of the 'Old Register' to ensure that these invaluable and irreplaceable records of our nation's history are available to future generations of Australians.