Convict Tickets of Exemption from Government Labour, 1827-1832 [Microfiche set 1001-1006]

As stated in a Circular to Magistrates from the Colonial Secretary dated 1st January 1830 the Exemption Ticket allowed:

"simply the privilege of residing until the next 31st December with the person therein named, generally a relation, in some specific district and no other".

A Ticket of Exemption did not allow a convict to be self-employed or to own property (as a Ticket of Leave allowed). It appears that the Tickets of Exemption were used as a form of assignment to relatives. The detail provided can help to easily trace the life or details of an individual convict.

This microfiche set includes an index to the records (Fiche 1001) and two records series (Fiche 1002-06):

CGS 12196, Copies of the Butts of Tickets of Exemption from Government Labor, 1827-32, SR Fiche 1002-1005

CGS 12197, Copies of the Registers of Tickets of Exemption from Government Labor, 1828-32, SR Fiche 1006

The butts of the tickets of exemption are the office record of the ticket of exemption which was given to each convict as proof of his status . The butts can provide quite detailed information about each convict who received a ticket, including: number and date, and name of the convict; name of ship, master and year of arrival; religion; native place; trade or calling; offence, place of trial, date of trial and sentence; year of birth; height, complexion, colour of hair and eyes, and other distinguishing features (such as tattoos and scars); name of relation with whom the convict was to reside (if applicable); district for which the ticket of exemption was valid. In addition, information concerning colonial crimes and convictions, misdemeanours, punishments; name of master or details of employment; receipt of a certificate of freedom or ticket of leave; assignment to wife/husband etc or another person; reasons for which the ticket was granted (such as for services rendered, on recommendation, disability); and any change in the district for which the ticket applied can also be provided.

The Registers are much more of a summary record and have been included for the sake of completeness.