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Old Register One to Nine DVD

This DVD contains a unique and an irreplaceable insight into the early history of the colony of New South Wales from 1794 to 1824.

The Registers of Assignments and other legal instruments

...The Old Register provided a unique and extremely rare record of the early history of the colony of New South Wales. The first entry in the register recording a transaction by the first Surveyor General, Augustus Alt, was created in the Judge Advocate's Office in 1802 and the final entry was on 15 May 1824. The wealth of social detail provided in the register, as well as the listing of names of early colonists and place names within Sydney and the colony, provide an invaluable research tool for all those interested in the history of Australia..."
Warwick Watkins
Director General and Registrar General,
NSW Department of Lands

All proceeds from this project will go towards the conservation of the Old Registers to ensure that these invaluable and irreplaceable records of our nation's history are available to future generations of Australians.

Old Register 1-9 DVD Cover

The NSW Department of Lands with State Records NSW have released new avenues of historical research with official colony records, known as the Old Register One to Nine.

They are officially known as the Registers of Assignments and Other Legal Instruments. The register was proclaimed in 1802 but allowed people to register assignments and other legal instruments back to 1794. The nine registers represent a unique social record of the period from 22 January 1794 to 15 May 1824.
The documents are an extremely rare and a valuable record of the early colonial settlement of New South Wales.

The register was the first place that people of the new colony were able to officially record their legal transactions.

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