Fully digitised
A digital Indent, accessible from the Early Convict Index

Convict Indents list the convicts transported to NSW. Early indents provide name, date and place of trial and sentence; later indents usually contain more information such as a physical description, native place, age and crime. Search over 12,000 names and view digital versions online.

Fully digitised

Assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney and Newcastle 1844-59, Moreton Bay, 1848-59 and Port Phillip 1839-51. 'Assisted immigrant' refers to those people whose passage was subsidised or paid for through one of the assisted immigration schemes to NSW from the United Kingdom and...

The First Australian Railway Supply Detachment, 11th A.A.SC, 1914. Digital ID 17420_a014_a014000498

A complete index of a single photo (No. 1331) from the State Rail Authority Archives Photographic Reference Print Collection, now in the custody of State Records. The 65 names have been transcribed from the back of the photograph.

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Broken Hill Gaol - gaol photograph of Jim Skidmore, 1927. Digital ID  2057_a006_a00603_6018000139r

The Gaol Photographic Description Books contain a photograph of each prisoner and personal and criminal history. 

This index provides access to digital copies of correspondence relating to applications to take silk in NSW between 1892 and 1950. The index is searchable by name and year appointed silk.

Fully digitised
Inspector General of Police

This index will be of interest to those whose ancestors may have been unemployed in 1866 and wish to learn of their situation and possibly their approximate arrival in the colony. It also provides a snapshot of economic conditions in Sydney in 1866.