Criminal Court Records index 1788-1833

These records are able to be accessed in our Reading Room at the Western Sydney Records Centre where you will be able to arrange a copy.

NamesOffenceDateCopyCitationPage(s)Citation 2RemarksRecord Type
Samuel WrightBurglary14 Feb 1799Reel 23922703 [5/1145]33see also Reel 2651, [X905 p.93]Appendix D: Indictments, informations and related papers, 1796-1815 - Court of Criminal Jurisdiction: Informations, depositions and related papers, 1796-1824
Samuel WrightBurglary14 Feb 1799Reel 26512700 [X905]93Appendix A: Schedule of prisoners tried, 1788-1815 - Court of Criminal Jurisdiction: Minutes of proceedings, 1788-1815