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Our sporting heritage

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Background to our sporting heritage

From the appointment of the trustees of the Domain Cricket Ground in 1851 to the 2000 Olympics, government has played an active part in the promotion and regulation of sport in New South Wales. Whether checking the standards of dressing accommodation on metropolitan beaches by the Surf Bathing Committee in 1911 or creating a sports portfolio in 1971, the Government of New South Wales has taken sport and recreation seriously.

Government participation in sport has included land management, such as the allocation of recreational and national parks. The State also provides facilities for sport, ranging from the Sydney Cricket Ground to country sporting fields. These recreational parks and venues have played a major part in creating and developing Australia's sporting heritage and nurturing our sporting heroes.

The promotion of public fitness has long been an activity of the State. Government policies on sport for school children have been developed and implemented by the Department of Education and Communities and also through organisations such as the Police Citizens Boys Clubs and the National Fitness Council. Not to be seen to be "preaching without practising" the government has also encouraged sport in the public service, organising staff sporting teams and regular competitions.

Archives in Brief 41 provides further details about records relating to sport held by State Records.