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NSW Anzac Centenary - Records of NSW and WWI

Exhibition extended until 30 September 2016. Our exhibition and website draws from the State Records collection to look at life in New South Wales during the war years.

Exhibition - Public Service / War Service

Our exhibition has been extended until 30 Septembers 2016. Drawing from the State archives, the exhibition honours government employees who volunteered for military service overseas during World War I, and those who fulfilled essential services at home.

Public Service War Service key image

More than 11,000 New South Wales government employees volunteered for military service overseas during World War I — many gave their lives for their country.

Others fulfilled essential services at home, and government departments were transformed to perform wartime roles.

The exhibition presents stories from the lives of NSW railway and harbour workers, teachers, administrators, printers, nurses, clerks, draftsmen, politicians and police — stories of public service and war service, pieced together through research in the State archives.

Public Service / War Service exhibition

Western Sydney Records Centre

Monday 27 April 2015 – Friday 30 September 2016
9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday
10.00am – 4.00pm Saturdays

(Closed public holidays)

Website - NSW Anzac Centenary: Records of NSW and World War I

NSW Anzac Centenary website

The NSW Anzac Centenary website highlights records from the State archives relating to key events and historical themes, associated with NSW and World War I. A number of these documents have been digitised and made available to view online, alongside text which helps contextualise the records. The exhibition and website focus on the key themes of:

  • In Service – enlistment and the response of the Government and people of NSW
  • On the Home Front -  what day-to-day life was like for people in Sydney and NSW during the war years
  • In Remembrance – how the war was commemorated across NSW, in particular through war memorials

The site features online research guides to help family historians retrieve their World War 1 stories from government records. The guides identify research pathways for tracing the stories of NSW soldiers and nurses, and highlight resources from our collection that provide background information to life in New South Wales at the time of the war.

Content will be regularly added to the web site over the course of the Anzac Centenary, 2014-2018.

Visit the website
New South Wales AIF soldiers, unknown military camp c.1915

Centenary of WWI and Anzac commemorative activities

State Records is a lead agency in the extensive New South Wales Centenary of World War I and Anzac commemorative program taking place between August 2014 and November 2018. The full program is being overseen by the NSW Centenary of Anzac Council and has been endorsed by Cabinet.

Official Anzac Logo

As part of the commemoration program, State Records is proud to honour the Centenary of World War I and Anzac with an exhibition and website that draws from State Records' vast collection to look at life in New South Wales during the war years.