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Archives In Brief 16 - Enquiry and copying services

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Provides information about the level of research advice offered by State Records, how to have research carried out on your behalf and how to access the State's archives outside our reading room.

What services does State Records provide?

State Records will:

  • provide you with advice and guidance as to likely sources and the current availability of archival material
  • assist you in confirming the correct references for documents that you want to cite in a publication (see Archives in Brief 10) for guidance on the correct way to cite State archives)
  • supply you with copies of State archives if you can supply specific references, including series number, item identifier, page number, and microform number. Costs apply for this service, and
  • provide assistance in validating personal information for rights and entitlements purposes.

What advice and guidance will I receive?

In the reading room

Our reading room staff will happily offer expert and professional advice on all aspects of your research.

On the telephone

We will answer basic enquiries over the phone and give advice on the availability and location of archival sources.

Does State Records provide research services?

While we do not undertake research on your behalf a response will be sent to your enquiry within 20 working days. If you require research to be undertaken on your behalf we will refer you to the organisations, listed below, that maintain lists of professional researchers.

You can make your own private arrangements with the research agent of your choice. State Records does not accept responsibility for the work undertaken by research agents.

What organisations maintain lists of professional researchers?

Society of Australian Genealogists
120 Kent Street
Observatory Hill
Telephone: 9247 3953

Professional Historians Association NSW & ACT
GPO Box 2437
Fax: 9331 7276

National Archives of Australia
PO Box 7425
Telephone: (02) 6212 3600 - Fax: (02) 6212 3699

Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents Inc
PO Box 268

What if I am publishing extracts or copies of State archives?

If you intend to publish a work that includes copies of or extracts from State archives you will need to obtain our permission. For details on how to obtain permission please refer to Archives in Brief 11.

Is it possible to access State archives outside the reading room?

Archives Resources Kit

We have made some of the most useful State archives for family and local history available in the Archives Resources Kit, located at 40 community access points around NSW. The contents of the Kit are listed in Archives in Brief 39. A list of the community access points is provided in Archives in Brief 40.

Other organisations that hold parts of the Kit are listed in Achives in Brief 46.

Regional Repositories

State Records also has a network of five Regional Repositories across the State. They are located at Wagga Wagga, Broken Hill, Armidale, Newcastle and Wollongong. They hold State archives relating to the local region as well the Archives Resources Kit. The addresses and contact details for the repositories are listed in Archives in Brief 14.

Online copy order form

Copies of State archives can be ordered by downloading an order form from our website. You must supply specific references, including series number, item identifier, page number, and microform number. Costs apply for this service and order forms are available on the State Records website.

Do I have to visit State Records to search the guides and finding aids?

What's online?

What happens when the original record I have requested is fragile?

A proportion of State archives are fragile and for this reason we may withhold access to the original archive until it has received attention from our Conservation staff. Archives will be checked on a case by case basis as they are requested either in the reading room or for a copy order. If an archive requires conservation treatment there will be a delay in the archive being issued and/or copied. Conservation treatments can take up to six months to be completed.

You will be notified if there is going to be a delay in an archive being issued and/or copied and if there will be additional copying charges for special format copying.


For information about your rights of access to State records see Archives in Brief 9: Your rights of access.

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