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Archives In Brief 41 - The sporting heritage of New South Wales

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Provides a brief overview of the major sources held by State Records that relate to sport and recreation. Other records may be identified in Archives Investigator.

A select list of sources

Chief Secretary (Colonial Secretary)

The main series of correspondence and the list of special bundles should be consulted for records relating to sport. Consult Archives Investigator for details of records of the Colonial Secretary. See also Archives in Brief 64 and Archives in Brief 65, and the guide to the Colonial Secretary's Correspondence.

Special note is made of the following:

NRS 906, Special Bundles, 1826-1982
* Appointment of Trustees of Domain Cricket Ground (Hyde Park Cricket Ground), 1850-80 [4/823.1]
This bundle consists of material relating to the appointment of Trustees, sketches of Hyde Park Cricket Ground, Minutes of Proceedings and correspondence with Council.
* Captain Strong — commandant of Public Schools Cadet Corps, 1876-79 [5/7029.7]
These include records relating to drill instruction in public schools.
* Sunday Sport, 1910-31 [5/5430]
This consists of various letters outlining statements which outline the arguments for and against Sunday Sport. Also included are various newspaper clippings.

Aboriginal Affairs NSW (Aborigines Welfare Board)

NRS 30, Photographs, c.1924-61, [4/8566-78]
Reels 2796-2797, COD 423
These photographs show reserves, stations, homes and schools with interior and exterior views of accommodation and housing projects; pupils and teachers, station managers and matrons. They show Aboriginal children and adults participating in many activities such as football, basketball, cricket and swimming and with family and friends.
Original photographs are closed to public access. Permission must be obtained from Aboriginal Affairs NSW prior to publishing any photographs.

Department of Education and Communities

NRS 3830, Subject Files: 1875-1948
See Short Guide 6 for a full listing.
* Superintendent of Drill, 1876-78, 1880-92, 1894, 1899-1924, 1926-27, 1930-31 [20/12654-57]]
* Public Schools Amateur Athletic Association, 1927, 1930-39 [20/12657-61]]
* School playgrounds, 1912-21, 1926-35, 1938-39 [20/13243, 20/12866]]
* National Rifle Reserve, 1915, 1917 [20/12884]]
School Camps, 1905-07, 1922-23 [20/12867, 20/13224-25]]
* Swimming, 1892, 1894-99, 1902-39 [20/13258-59]

These files deal with the administration of sporting and recreational activities in schools.

NRS 3835, Correspondence files re National Fitness Council, 1940-56 [13/12206-24]

NRS 3961, Physical Education Branch: Correspondence files, 1966-c.1972 [12/1421-23]
These files were created by the Physical Education Branch of the Department of Education. This became the National Fitness and Recreation Service of New South Wales.

Department of Land and Water Conservation

NRS 8260, Papers relating to the Sydney Cricket and Sydney Sports Grounds, 1851-1963
These papers relate to the acquisition of the grounds and their administration and management. There are also details of the appointment of Trustees; a dispute with the New South Wales Cricket Association re powers of Trustees and copies of minutes of meetings of the Trustees and various committees. There are also drawings and ground plans.

NRS 8285, Dedication registers, 1842-1979, [11/22028-34]
These registers cover the dedication of land for public purposes such as for schools and parks.

NRS 8457, Precedent book, 1892-94 [11/21592]
This volume contains circulars and notices establishing precedents. Subjects include access to water, annual leases, commons, compensation, canals, cricket grounds, church lands, cemeteries, forest reserves, parks, racecourses and schools.

Department of Public Works and Services

NRS 12419, Special Bundles
* Sydney — Moore Park Olympic Athletic Ground, 1936-46 [7/5883 pt]

Department of Sport and Recreation

NRS 13319, Papers relating to the Sydney Cricket and Sydney Sports Grounds, 1939-78 [12/12495]

National Fitness Council

NRS 10663, Policy book, c.Nov 1939-21 May 1959
This volume consists of typescript extracts from correspondence, circulars and minutes of meetings that dealt with policy matters.

NRS 10664, Precedent book, c.1945-1966
This consists of correspondence relating to precedent decisions for national fitness.

NRS 15322, Minutes of meetings of the [National Fitness Council] Executive Committee, 1942-65

NRS 15323, Minutes of meetings of the National Fitness Council, 1942-67
Issues generally dealt with by the committee included the provision of health and fitness facilities and activities including National Fitness Camps, Recreational Areas, Play Centres, sporting facilities and activities at Police Boys' Clubs, Youth Hostels, local, regional sporting facilities and school sporting facilities.

National Parks and Wildlife Service

NRS 10665, Correspondence files, 1967-74 [12/1615-19, 12/1603.1]
These files, arranged by year and contents, appear to be of the Director of the National Parks and Wildlife Service and include Ministerial and general correspondence and newspaper clippings. There are also plans and suggestions for the use of Kosciusko National Park.

NRS 10738, Photographs, 1890-1959
This consists of photographs taken of the Royal National Park Audley with views of the picnic flats, bowling green and tennis courts and boats and boating.

New South Wales Bicentennial Council

NRS 445, Program files, 1981-89 [18/803.2-830.1]
These files contain details of programs for projects during 1988 including the National Education program, regional games planning and community based sport and recreation.

New South Wales Police Service

NRS 10923, Special Bundles
* Police Boys Clubs, 1938 [10/1839]
This consists of general administrative material and the Memorandum of Articles of Association.
These records are Closed to Public Access.

Premier's Department

NRS 12066, Records relating to proposals to hold the 1988 Olympic Games in Sydney, 1978-79 [12/2393.3-2397.2]
These records include a copy of the New South Wales Government's submission to the Australian Olympic Federation requesting permission to hold the 1988 Olympic Games in Sydney. There are also cost and feasibility studies for proposed venues relating to the Melbourne bid for the Olympic Games 1988.

Surf Bathing Committee

NRS 13729, Minutes of evidence and appendices, 1911-12 [5/4493]
This consists of shorthand notes of evidence for the Surf Bathing Committee. Also included are notes on preliminary inspections and decisions of the Committee.

Records of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

State Records holds many records of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The bulk of records are closed to public access. For permission to access these records contact the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Additional sources

Further information may be found by consulting Archives Investigator for records of:

  • Maritime Series Board
  • Dept of Public Works
  • Board of Fire Commissioners
  • Dept of Tourism
  • NSW Police Service
  • Dept of Sport and Recreation.

Researchers should consult the Register of Access Directions to confirm the public availability of records. State Records' staff can advise you on the availability of records if they are not listed on the register.

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