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NRS lists

Top record series used by researchers
The most frequently used records series.
NRS 54 Agriculture Special files, 1889-1981
These files relate to such matters as the establishment of the Department and the appointment of the first Secretary; the establishment and administration of agricultural colleges, experiment farms and agricultural research stations; agricultural legislation; land settlement for ex-servicemen; emergency food control; surveys and experiments; use of aircraft in agriculture; eradication/control of pests and diseases; drought relief and flood mitigation; wheat stabilization; dairy and other agricultural research.
NRS 302/NRS 333 Attorney General/Attorney General & Justice Special Bundles, 1822-1984
The Special bundles deal with a wide range of matters including: drafting and amending of legislation; special inquiries, Royal Commissions or investigations related to the administration of justice; staffing arrangements, statements of duties, and appointment of officers; administration and control of public cemeteries in Sydney; prison reform; functions of licensed premises; establishment and abolition of Courts of Petty Sessions; alteration of the boundaries of District Court or Licensing Court Districts; and proposed sites for gaols and court houses.
NRS 345 Surviving Inquest Papers 1916-1939
Each file includes: particulars of the deceased and the circumstances of death; copies of testimonies and of statements by the police, medical officers or others concerned with the reporting of the death; a list of witnesses; and a copy of the coroner's finding as to the cause of death. Where the inquiry concerns a fire, information includes the address of the dwelling, the names of the occupants and owners, a list of witnesses and the coroner's finding as to the cause of the fire. In some cases a list of exhibits, and exhibits such as photographs of premises, are included.
NRS 1155 Musters and other papers relating to convict ships
These papers usually came from England on the transport. The lists of convicts generally show only name, date and place of trial, and sentence. They are sometimes copies of the indentures with the owner of the ship contracting to transport convicts, or a muster taken before embarkation or just before or just after disembarkation. The other papers are miscellaneous - lists of deaths during the voyage, convicts to be employed in the iron'd gangs, warrants to transport military prisoners, lists of free settlers on board, etc. Occasionally there are letters about a convict after arrival.
NRS 1291 Unassisted passengers, 1826-1900
These reports record the vessel's name, tonnage, number of crew, master, from whence, when sailed, cargo, first class passengers' names, names or number of steerage passengers (refer to immigrant lists), and occasionally particulars such as passenger's trade or profession or native place.
NRS 1788 Registers of bodies received [Sydney City Coroner] 1908-1965
Item list for NRS 1788 Registers of bodies received [Sydney City Coroner] 1908-1965 2 Aug 1908-5 Nov 1947 (3/2225-39), 6 Nov 1947-16 Oct 1958 (3/5527-50), 16 Oct 1958-31 Jan 1965 (3/6254-77). 63 vols
NRS 3370 Register of convicts tried before the Bench (Black Book), 7 January 1833 - 23 August 1839
Agency 3294, Singleton (Patrick's Plains) Court of Petty Sessions. Alphabetically arranged, the volume records: date, name of prisoner, ship and year, original sentence, employer, accuser and witnesses, charge (or crime), sentence (or how disposed of, including acquittals). The title "Black Book" is written on the front cover.
NRS 4332 List of passengers on the Dunbar
Compiled from a list of passengers and crew in NRS 4332 and a number of contemporary newspaper articles.
NRS 5264 Immigration deposit journals, 1853-1900
These journals record moneys deposited in the Colony by persons wishing to sponsor the immigration of a nominated person or group of persons, frequently members of their own family or persons they wished to employ.
NRS 5314 Entitlement certificates of persons on bounty ships, 1832-42
Each certificate records the name of the ship and the ship's agent; and the native place, calling, age, health, religion and name of the immigrant. Each is endorsed with a character reference and a certificate of baptism.
'Online' microfilm of shipping lists
Scroll through the digital copies of these passenger lists, ship by ship, just as you would if you were going through a microfilm in the reading room.
NRS 5317 Persons on bounty ships to Sydney, Newcastle and Moreton Bay ('Board's Immigrant Lists'), 1848-91
Each entry records the name, age, marital status, calling, native place, religion, and education of the immigrant. Also recorded are the names of relations in the colony; names and addresses of parents; and any complaints respecting treatment aboard ship.
NRS 9794 Maritime Services Board, 1870-1960
These Special Bundles relate to the functions of the Marine Board (1872-1900), its successors the Navigation Department (1900-1936) and the Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners (1901-1936), and their successor the Maritime Services Board (1936-1995).
NRS 9987 Mines Special files, 1851-1986
These files, which the department designated with a "SF" prefix (Special file), have been segregated from the main series of correspondence. They relate to a variety of subjects including: reports on geological surveys and mineral deposits; reports on coalfields; applications for leases; statistics of mineral production; reports of mining operations in various districts; subsidence and undermining on coal areas; mining acts and regulations; Aboriginal rock carvings around Sydney; and Royal Commissions and special inquiries.
NRS 10923 Police Special Bundles, 1846-1963
NRS 12061 Premier's Department Special Bundles, 1895-1976 (List A)
NRS 12061 Premier's Department Special Bundles, 1895-1976 (List B)
NRS 12294 Public Service Board Special Bundles, 1860-1968
NRS 12419 Public Works Special bundles, 1846-1963
NRS 12922 Railway Personal History Cards
These cards detail the service history of State Rail employees born prior to 1900, and were kept by the Finance Branch to record rates of pay, leave, and superannuation entitlements. Most cards relate to permanent employees, but some cards for construction and casual employees are also included. The cards do not provide details of persons whose employment had ceased prior to the introduction of the Railway Service Superannuation Act, effective from 1 October 1910.
NRS 13278 Unassisted passengers, 1826-1900
This series consists of forms signed by captains of arriving vessels which contained information about passengers entering Australia. The lists contain general information about the ship and the voyage such as: name and tonnage of the ship; port of departure; name of master; date of arrival; seamen’s names, positions, age and town and country of birth. The lists also record passengers’ names but sometimes omit the given names. The names of children travelling with their parents are rarely given – often only the number and gender of the children is shown or the fact that they are ‘infants’ or ‘teenage’. Examples of such entries include - 'Mr Kingsford and two children'; 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith and infant'. Some descriptions indicate the passenger’s occupation, or identify them as ‘tourists’ or ‘travellers’. The entries sometimes indicate the class of travel or the location of the passengers within the ship, e.g. Cabin, Saloon and Steerage. Lists sometimes contain information about the skin colour or race of passenger e.g. ‘White’, ‘Brown’, ‘Asiatic’ or ‘European’. Remarks may include details such as whether a passenger was in transit to New Zealand or carried no papers.
NRS 13100 Government Transport Correspondence files, 1902-38
The files listed here relate to the administration of New South Wales Tramways and Omnibus services. The files cover suggestions for improvement of services, maintenance of tramway property, complaints, accident reports and proposed route alterations. Included is some information about interstate and overseas tramway networks in the form of replies to questionnaires circulated by New South Wales Transport Department.
NRS 14194 Treasury Special Bundles, 1846-1984
NRS 14493 Vice Admiralty Court: Case papers, 1826-1911
Originally listed as Appendix D in the Guide to Vice Admirality records
NRS 845 Quarter Session Depositions and other papers 1824-37, 1841-1920
NRS 845 Quarter Session Depositions and other papers, Sydney and Country, 1824-37, 1841-1920
NRS 845 Quarter Session Depositions and other papers 1841-1920 [2/10415]
Few papers survive for the period 1841-1901.