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Court of Civil Jurisdiction, 1799-1814

The Minutes of proceedings show date of sitting, members present, the nature of the action, and the judgment of the Court. The arguments put forward by both parties are also summarised. Where an action concerned a business document (such as a promissory note), which was tendered in evidence, a copy of the document was normally entered up.

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Thank you Bruce1This partial index to the Court of Civil Jurisdiction - Minutes of Proceedings was prepared by Professor Bruce Kercher of Macquarie University, when he was undertaking his doctoral research. State Records acknowledges and thanks Dr Kercher for his generous donation of the index and for allowing us to include it on the website.

About the Index

From 1810 the Minutes of proceedings of each case were given a running number within each volume. Where a case was heard on several different days, perhaps covering a number of months or even years, the minutes of each hearing were allocated different numbers.

How the index was compiled

This index was compiled from the following record series:

NRS 2659, Court of Civil Jurisdiction; Minutes of Proceedings, 1799-1814, [2/8150 and 5/1102-11]

What years does the index cover?

The index covers the years 1799-1814. The first volume [2/8150], which starts in 1799, has been partially indexed. This is an ongoing project and additional entries will be added to this index as they are completed.

The relevant case papers for the period 1800-09 may be found in NRS 2656 Rough minutes of proceedings and related case papers, 1788-1809 and for the period 1810-14 in NRS 2657 Case papers, 1810-14.

Are copies available from this index?

We do not offer a copy service from this index. Copies can only be ordered at the Western Sydney reading room after viewing the records as the amount of information available for each case may vary greatly.

Further reading

Macquarie Law Division Website - Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales 1788-1899
At present the Macquarie University Website includes a number of transcriptions concentrating on the decisions of the Supreme Courts and other courts of unlimited jurisdiction between 1788 and 1841. The site is presently under construction, and new cases will be added over time.


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