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Fraser Insolvency file note

Thomas and Alexander Fraser were declared insolvent in 1844 and although both brothers were trading as whalers in New Zealand, Alexander seems to have been living in Sydney while the insolvency case was settled. This file note states "The Insolvent [Alexander] along with his brother having been carrying on business as whalers in New Zealand for the last three years they have been very unsuccessful having had several losses amounting to upwards of 4000 pounds which appears by their books. Also the loss of a vessel called the 'John Duncombe' and being threatened with law proceedings by Mr Thomas Shearer in order to save the estate from any unnecessary law expenses are desirous of surrendering the same into the Hands of the Chief Commissioners of Insolvent Estates." NRS 13654 [2/8784 #1310]
Fraser Insolvency file note
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