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October - Luna Park
View of Milsons Point and Luna Park (NSW), no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2442000053
October - University of Sydney
Sydney University, Main building, no date. Digital id 4481_a026_000421_T
October - Nineteen Counties
A diagram of the historical division of NSW into the Nineteen Counties.
October - Eugenia Falleni
Gaol photo of Eugenia Falleni in 1928, a convicted murderer. From NRS 2496 [3/6007 photo 741, 1928], State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, Photo description book
November - Anzac Memorial
Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney (NSW), no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2442000026_T
November - Mudgee
Mudgee Post Office, no date. Digital id 4346_a020_a020000112_T
November - Western Sydney Records Centre
A busy day in the Reading Room located at the Western Sydney Records Centre at Kinsgwood.
November - Windmill Street
This street name is a reminder of what was formerly at The Rocks. No.19 Windmill Street, The Rocks (NSW), 1901. Digital id 4481_a026_000173
December - Naturalization application
NRS 905: Naturalization Application for Hortense Musti from Normandy, 1864 [64/5088]. She settled in the Grafton region and married a fellow Frenchman, Francois Joseph Adam.
December - Old Sydney Railway Station
Western side of the Old Sydney Railway Station (NSW), 1879. Digital id 17420_a014_a0140000248_T
December - Interior of Old Sydney Railway Station
Interior of the Old Sydney Railway Station (NSW), c.1880. Digital id 17420_a014_a0140000246_T
December - Rabbits
Who let the rabbits in? Rabbit trapping, Cowra, no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2443000174_T
January - Governor Lachlan Macquarie
Governor Lachlan Macquarie, 1822 [by Richard Reed]. SLNSW P2/144 Digital order no. a128361. Photo courtesy of State Library NSW.
January - Penrith Railway Station
Penrith Railway Station (NSW), c.1862. Digital id 17420_a014_a014000763_T
January - Utzon's winning drawings
Original competition drawings by Jorn Utzon, Perspective from staircase between the two halls looking towards the north, SZ112_01.
February - Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on royal train at Central Railway Station, Sydney (NSW), 1954. Digital id 17420_a014_a014000154_T
February - NSW State flag
NSW State flag
January - Louisa Collins
Louisa Collins, the last woman hanged in NSW. NRS 2138 [3/6074 photo 84].
February - John Knatchbull
Exhibit of a forged cashier note by John Knatchbull, 1832. NRS 13477[T33 Case 32/55].
February - Jane Ann Benson
This hand written note by Jane Ann Benson, or Jeannie as she was known by her family, testifies to the end of an engagement between herself and Thomas Breckenridge. NRS 880 [9/6975 Case #8, Exhibit C].
March - Sydney Hospital
Sydney Hospital, Macquarie St, Sydney (NSW). Digital id 4481_a026_000368
March - Bushmen's contingent
A troop of the Bushmen's contingent, Sydney (NSW), 1900. Digital id 1254_a011_a011000001r
March - Sydney Harbour Bridge
School children on bridge, 1932. Digital id 12685_a007_a00704_8734000046r
March - Busby' bore
Drawing of Old Spear Pump. Dug out of Excavation in Wynyard Park Site of Old Military Barracks - pump constructed under direction of Mr Busby in 1828. Digital id 12685_a007_a00704_8735000168r
April - Tilly Devine
Tilly Devine in gaol again in 1925. NRS 2496 [3/6007 #659]
April - Cenotaph in Martin Place
Unveiling the Cenotaph - The Last Post, 1929. Digital id 12685_a007_a00704_8735000004r
April - Scheyville Farm
Men receiving mail at Scheyville Training Farm, 1926. Digital id 5529_a003_a003000005r
April - Matron Diary Cover
The front cover of the diary of Matron Susan Austen on her voyage on the 'Fitzjames' in 1857. From NRS 5239.
May - Annie Turnbull
Photo of Annie Turnbull, a convicted abortionist from her trial in 1899. NRS 880 [9/6975, Case #8], Papers & depositions, Supreme Court Sydney
May - Louisa Lawson
Portrait of Louisa Lawson, ca. 1880, National Library of Australia, neg #5521, nla.pic-vn4464670
May - Bathurst
View of William St, Bathurst, no date. Digital id 12932_a012_a012X2449000063
May - Margaret Greenwood
A rare example of a surviving photo of a convict later in life. NRS 2138 [3/6040 p.61a photo 1219] Reel 5098
June - Hawkesbury River
June - Darlinghurst Gaol
Entrance gates to Darlinghurst Gaol, no date. Digital id 4481_a026_000669.jpg
June - Murrumbidgee River
Murrumbidgee River, Gundagai, no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2444000096.jpg
June - Memory of the World
Memory of the World, 2007
July - Plague rats
A heap of rats, 1900. Digital id 12487_a021_a021000010.jpg
July - Ben Chifley
Railway personal history card of Ben Chifley, NRS 12922
July - Parramatta Railway Station
Parramatta Railway Station, 1870. Digital id 17420_a014_a0140001190.jpg
July - Royal Easter Show
Grand Parade at Royal Easter Show, Sydney (NSW), no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2442000025.jpg
August - Railway strike, 1917
Locomotive drivers during railway strike, 1917. Digital id 15309_a015_a015000008.jpg
August - Central Railway Station
C3801 locomotive at Central Railway Station, Sydney (NSW), 1954. Digital id 17420_a014_a014000203.jpg
August - Great White Fleet
Spectators viewing the US Navy's "Great White Fleet' in Sydney Harbour, 1908. Digital id 18526_a024_000015.jpg
August - Women's Franchise Act, 1902
NRS 922, M6785/B in [5/6769] Proclamation of the Women's Franchise Act of 1902.
September - Garden Palace Fire
Remains of the Garden Palace after the fire, 1882. NRS 4481 SH1421
September - Mary Reibey
Mary Reibey, Government Printing Office [7/16034] neg #16919, no date
September - Blue Mountains
View across the Jamieson Valley, Leura, NSW, no date. Digital id 12932-a012-a012X2448000110
September - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, Sydney (NSW), no date. Digital id 4481_a026_000738.jpg
July - Hordern Bros advertisement
Hordern Brothers ad, Sydney's Leaders of Fashions. From Railway Tourist Guides: Tourists Handbook of Australia, 1905. NRS 16407/1/1/[13] p.128.
June - Hyde Park Barracks
Series - NRS 13886 Surveyor Generals Sketch books Title - Prisoners now Emigration Barracks and the Colonial Architects Office Date -1837