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Access to rolled plans

We hold a quantity of rolled plans in the State archives collection. The majority originated at State Rail, notably the series R199, R300, R301 and NRS 15244.

Item lists of rolled plans are available for consultation in the reading room.

R199, Railways, Mechanical Branch drawings, 1839-1990
R300, Railways, Permanent Way / Way and Works Plans and Drawings of disused lines and equipment, 1882-1993
R301, Railways, Permanent Way Plans and Drawings of railway infrastructure, 1849-1988
NRS 15244, Railways, Proclaimed Plans, 1849-1930

Item lists for R15244 are also available in Archives Investigator.

Most plans are subject to some damage because they have been rolled for many years. Our Conservators need to assess rolled plans before they are issued in the reading room. If you are interested in viewing rolled plans please contact reading room staff five (5) working days ahead of your visit. Working days are Mondays - Fridays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You will need to provide a list of all the plans you wish to access on the day.

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