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The Government Records Repository (GRR) manages records storage services for semi-active records created by NSW public sector bodies, including Government agencies, local councils, public hospitals and universities.

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    Clients may request files or boxes online or via email or telephone.
    T: (02) 8805 5325

The GRR’s After-Hours retrieval procedures have changed - If you are registered for the GRR’s After-Hours retrieval service and haven’t received our new contact details, or if you would like to register for this service, please contact the Operations Manager on (02) 9673 1788.

Who we are

The GRR, part of the Western Sydney Records Centre at Kingswood, is a secure, modern centralised records centre, providing for the special storage requirements of records, their retrieval, and ultimately their disposal, using the most economic methods.The GRR

The GRR was established in 1955 and the former Archives Authority of NSW began operating from this site in 1974. The complex now covers 50,000 square metres and holds 500 linear kilometres of shelving and meets recognised international best-practice standards. The GRR has taken all measures to prevent records being damaged by fire, flood, vermin or unauthorised access. Records are stored on metal shelving in a range of climatically stable environments, including low-temperature vaults for computer and film media. There is full electronic surveillance, sprinkler and gas fire prevention systems, rapid fire detection systems and landlines to the local fire brigades. An on-site caretaker and state of the art building monitoring systems reinforce this impressive array of security features.

In addition to its storage facility offering the highest level of security the GRR also offers fast and reliable retrieval and transport services delivering and collecting records using its fleet of unmarked vehicles and its own uniformed couriers. Requests for the return of records can be made by telephone, email or web and a number of delivery options are available, including guaranteed delivery within two hours.

The Government Records Repository is dedicated to serving its clients and maintaining its world-class levels of service. With 50 years experience the GRR provides high quality records storage services. The GRR is economical, secure, professionally managed and reliable.