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Inquest files 1940-March 1963 Copy Service

Important! We recommend you obtain a copy of the Death Certificate to determine if an inquest was held.

Placing your order

Online payment is not available for this service. Download the print-friendly order form and post it back to us along with your payment.

Information you need to provide

In order for us to copy the correct file we need you to provide specific information. The most important details we need for each entry are name (in full) and the date or year of death. If we do not receive this information we cannot proceed with your order.

In carrying out your own research most of you would be aware of the many common names that exist in the records. For this reason we need to have as much detail about the person's name as you can provide. For instance, looking for the name Richard Boyd Thompson is more accurate than, R Thompson. In fact, we may not be able to identify the record you requested if we only had this information.

You must provide:
* Name in full (include middle name if known), and
* Date or year of death - this will help staff to identify the correct file
* Age at death (if known)

Additional information, such as:

  • Date and Place of Inquest (this may be obtained from the Death Certificate).

If you have provided insufficient information you will be contacted and your money will be refunded.

Service Fee

The cost of each entry is $15.00. An administration fee and postage/handling costs are payable.  An additional postage charge applies for overseas orders. See form for details.

We will copy the file contents in its entirety, or copies to the value of $15.00. We cannot look for particular documents as this would involve research and we do not undertake research on behalf of enquirers.

If the number of documents in the file exceeds copies to the value of $15.00 you will be contacted and asked if you are willing to pay an additional amount to have the remainder of the file copied. If you do not wish to pay the additional amount, the copies will be made in order in which the documents are stored on the file.

Additional entries are $15.00 each. Overseas orders incur an additional $3.65 postage charge.

What if there is no file?

If no file exists matching the particulars of the Inquest a partial refund will be made.

  • $19.00 refund for the first entry
  • $15.00 refund for each additional entry

The $15.00 administration fee will still be charged if no file is located.

In instances where the file is no longer filed in this series but has been sent as evidence in a manslaughter or murder trial you will be informed and can then decide if you wish to persue the matter as we do not undertake research on behalf of enquirers.