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Colonial Secretary's Correspondence

Table of Contents


List of periodical returns required to be furnished by the various Departments of the Government c.1831

Administrative arrangements, 1856-1901

The Secretaries to the Governor, 1788-1824

The Colonial Secretaries, 1821-1959

The Chief Secretaries, 1959-76

The Ministers for Services, 1975-82

The Heads of the Department, 1856-1982

Letters Received

List and Description of Series

Index to the Papers of the New South Wales Colonial Secretary, 1788-1825 [Indexes Online]

Letters and Petitions received, 1788-1826

Special Bundles, 1794-1825

Minutes and Memoranda

Indexes and Registers to Letters Received, 1826-1966

Main Series of Letters Received, 1826-1982 [searchable database - Indexes Online]

Notes on bundle titles and notations in registers

Special Bundles, 1826-1982

Letters from Individuals re Land, 1826-56 [Indexes Online]

Memorials and reports received from the Commissioners of Claims, 1832-55

Plays submitted to the Colonial Secretary for approval

Letters Sent

Guide to Persons addressed in the various series

List of Series

List of Series - Chronological

General Description of Letter Books

Inventory of Series

Item List of Out-letter Books