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Divorce Case Papers, 1873-1930

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This Index now covers the years 1873-1923. There are over 20,000 entries covering a 50 year period. Entries for the letters F G H and I for the years 1897-1903 are missing. These entries will be added to the index shortly.

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Please note: A final check of this index has not yet been carried out.

InformationTip: Search Archives Investigator  for recently received divorce case papers and check AIB 77 for latest dates and transfers of divorce case papers.

How was the index compiled?

The index is compiled from the:

Family Law (Divorce) Index, 1873-1976, [8/3242-47], Fiche 6130-6410.
This index was created by the Supreme Court of NSW and records name of petitioner, respondent and co-respondent (if named), divorce number, year and remarks. The Index also includes judicial separations.

Accessing the records

The Divorce Case Papers are held at the Western Sydney Records Centre.  Check AIB 77 for latest dates and transfer details as new consignments of divorce case papers are arriving frequently.

You can also obtain copies of the records via the Divorce Case Papers Service.

What's in the Divorce Case Papers?

The NRS 13495, Divorce Case Papers, are the key record series relating to divorce. The case papers contain evidence for each particular case including judicial separations. The series was created after the passing of the first divorce legislation in New South Wales, the Matrimonial Causes Act 1873.

The information in the divorce case papers varies considerably. Examples of documents in the case papers include:

  • Petitions for the dissolution of marriage
  • affidavits (sworn statements)
  • petitions for maintenance
  • marriage certificates
  • decrees nisi (not always included)
  • decrees absolute (not always included), and
  • correspondence.


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