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Index to convict pardons

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Pardons reduced a portion of the sentence the convict was required to serve.

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State Records has indexed the records relating to convict pardons held in its collection. This volunteer project is now complete!

About the Index

The index records the convict's name, ship and year of arrival, type of pardon, date of pardon if recorded, item number, page and microfilm reel number and remarks.

Important!Please note: Prior to 1810 much of this information is not on the original records and therefore the entries may be incomplete. Some duplication of records relating to pardons for the years 1810-1819 may be found as a number of record series cover this period. You may find more than one entry concerning a particular convict.

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Accessing the records

Microfilm copies of the Certificates of Freedom can be viewed in our reading room.

Copy ServiceThere is a photocopy service available from this Index. You will see an 'Add to Cart' tickbox option on the search results page(s).

Is there a related index?

See the Index to Tickets of Leave, certificates and pardons, 1810-19.

Record series used to compile the Index

At present the index includes entries from the following series:

NRS 1160, Registers of Colonial Pardons, 1 Mar 1788-29 Jul 1867, Reel 771

NRS 1161, Copies of Royal Pardon Warrants, 4 Feb 1791-26 Jul 1873, Reel 772

NRS 1165, Copies of returns of Absolute and Conditional Pardons granted 1810-19, 1836, 1838-41, Reels 601, 669, 774

NRS 1170, Registers of Conditional pardons, 16 December 1791-6 December 1825, 1 January 1837-27 August 1841, Reel 774
The first volume in this series covering 16 Dec 1791-6 Dec 1825 usually records number and date of pardon, name of convict, ship and year of arrival, native place, occupation, crime, place and date of trial, sentence, year of birth and physical description (height, complexion, colour of hair and eyes).
The second volume in this series covering 1 Jan 1837-27 Aug 1841 only records the number of the pardon, the name of the convict, date ordered and date of issue.  Copies of these Conditional Pardons are available in the series NRS 1171.

NRS 1171, Copies of butts of Conditional Pardons, 30 Sep 1824-9 Feb 1827, Reel 774

NRS 1172, Copies of Conditional Pardons registered by the Colonial Secretary, May 1826-11 August 1870, Reels 775-796, 3037
There are 47 volumes in this series. Volume 18 is blank.

NRS 1173, Register of convicts recommended for Conditional Pardons, 06 May 1826-30 Jun 1856, Reels 797-798

NRS 1175, Register of first class Conditional Pardons, 7 Mar-20 Jul 1846, Reel 799

NRS 1176, Register of second class Conditional Pardons, 16 Mar-20 Jul 1846, Reel 799

NRS 1177, Register of Absolute Pardons, 16 Dec 1791-1 Jul 1843, Reel 800

NRS 1179, Registers of recommendations for Absolute Pardons, 6 May 1826-1846, Reel 800

NRS 1180, List of Absolute Pardons granted, 1 Jan 1837-31 Jul 1841, Reel 800

NRS 1181, Register of Exceptive Absolute Pardons, 15 Mar-1 Sep 1845, Reel 801


CP - Conditional Pardon; AP - Absolute Pardon; AP (E) - Exceptive Absolute Pardon; Col - Colonial Pardon;
Col P
- Colonial Pardon; Col CP - Colonial Conditional Pardon; Col FP - Colonial Free Pardon;
- Royal Pardon Warrant; FP - Free Pardon; CP (1C) - First Class Conditional Pardon;
CP (2C)
- Second Class Conditional Pardon


We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have on using the Index.