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Index to miscellaneous assisted immigrants, 1828-43

You can now search online for the names of some passengers who paid their own fare and some assisted immigrants. Information includes: name, ship, date of arrival, age, events (e.g. shipwreck), and the series, item and microform numbers. There are over 9000 entries to search.

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Thank you Joan, Ann and NormaAcknowledgement This index was compiled by State Records' staff and readers (Joan Reese, Ann Smith, and the late Norma Tuck) and was for many years only available in State Records reading room. To assist people who cannot visit the State Records' reading room it is now available online. Special mention should be made of Ann Smith who indexed NRS 5313, Persons on Government Ships, Aug 1837-Feb 1840.

A note on some of the ships and the records

Juliana, Mary Hay and Morayshire

The Juliana left Gravesend, England bound for Sydney on 20 October 1838 and was wrecked at Green's Point, Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope on 19 January 1839. The Mary Hay and Morayshire were chartered to convey the immigrants from the Juliana to Sydney. Some people chose to remain at the Cape of Good Hope.

For a listing of immigrants who were originally on the Juliana see NRS 5314, [4/4844], Reel 1303. Where a family member died during the voyage they are listed in the index under the family's ship of arrival.

For a return of births and deaths on the Mary Hay and Morayshire see NRS 5313, [4/4780 pp.282-283], Reel 2654.

NRS 5313, Persons on Government Ships, Aug 1837-Feb 1840, [4/4780] Reel 2654 and [4/4781], Reel 2668

Where a family is listed in this series usually only the name of the head of the family (such as the father or husband if a couple) appears to be listed by name, the wife and/or other family members appear as a statistic. Their names and details are usually to be found in NRS 5314 or other source given in the index.

About the Index

Individuals listed in this Index were located in the following series:

The index is not a complete list of all these sources

NRS 905, Colonial Secretary Letters Received 1836, 1837, 1839 [4/2377], Reel 2208 [4/2378, 4/2316.3] Reel 2203, COD 394, [4/2399.1] COD 397

NRS 906, Colonial Secretary Special Bundles List of immigrants on various ships 1832-41, COD 394, [4/1126] and [4/2115.2] list of 50 free girls arrived by the Palambam, 1832

NRS 939, Colonial Secretary Copies of letters sent outside the Colony,' Foreign', c.1841-43 [4/3525 pp 166-68, 177-78,199], Reel 900

NRS 1155, Musters & other papers relating to convict ships [2/8244, 2/8253, 2/8255, 2/8256, 2/8259, 2/8268, 2/8278, 2/8279], Reels 2417, 2420, 2421, 2427, 2428

NRS 5307, Papers relating to immigration, 1834 [9/6184] COD 394

List of passengers on Board the Lady McNaughton, 1837 COD 112 [Xerox copy of original at ML A1267-15 pp. 223-72]

NRS 5309, List of Irish passengers arrived on the Sir Joseph Banks, 1828 [2/8559] Reel 2795, COD 394

NRS 5310, Persons on early migrant ships, 1828-32, [4/4823] Reel 1286

NRS 5313, Persons on government ships, Aug 1837-Feb 1840 [4/4780] Reel 2654 and [4/4781] Reel 2668

NRS 5314, Entitlement certificates of persons on bounty ships 1832-42 Reels 1298, 1301, 1307, 1321 and 1325

NRS 5316, Persons on bounty ships (Agent's & Immigrant Lists), 1838-96 Reels 2134, Reel 2135

List of Female Emigrants per James Pattison, 1836 COD 425 [Xerox copy of original at ML A1216, CY 652]

Accessing the records

The records are available to view on microform in the reading room.

Are copies available from this index?

We are not offering a copy service for this index as the amount of detail in each record series can vary. You can make/request copies in our reading room after viewing the records.

It is important to note that some record series do not contain much information on individual passengers. For instance, a name may simply be on a list or in a letter with no accompanying information. If you cannot make it in person to our reading room to make copies of the records yourself, then you can use this Order Form. Please note that we will not be providing refunds if there is no information other than a name on a list or in a letter.

Related Indexes

As the this index does not cover all arrivals for the period 1828-43, the following indexes may be of interest

Assisted Immigrant Indexes

If you are searching specifically for assisted immigrants you should also check the Bounty Index 1828-42 which was compiled by The Genealogical Society of Utah. The index is available on microflm in our reading room and at our community access points around NSW. It is also available in many libraries. Also try our online
Indexes to Assisted Immigrants, 1839-96.

Unassisted Immigrants

Records of paying passengers for the period are available in our reading room and are also included as part of the Archives Resources Kit. An incomplete index July 1826-53 to paying passengers is available in State Records reading room on Reels 1358-1372.

The Society of Australian Genealogists has produced an Index to Passengers arriving 1826-37 which is available through the Society and in the State Records' reading room.

Unassisted passenger and crew arrivals, 1854-1922

Available at the Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters website.
Covering Shipping Inward lists from the Shipping Master's Office, the lists are almost complete from 1845 to 1900, with thousands more currently available in the intervening years to 1922. Searchable by person's name, vessel name, and date; includes transcribed passenger lists and links to scans of the original lists.

Help with immigration records

Our family history page on Immigration includes examples of various shipping records, useful tips and 'how to' worksheets to help you search for arrivals to New South Wales.


We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have on using the Index.