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Index to Registers of Firms, 1903-22

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This index will be of interest to local and family historians researching owners of firms Registered under the Firms Act, 1902.

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About the Index

This Volunteer project is now complete! There are over 45,700 entries to search.

Record series used to compile the Index

NRS 12961, Registers of firms under the Registration of Firms Act of 1902, 1903-22, [2/8526-2/8553]

The index records Name of Firm, Nature of Business, Place of Business, Date of Registration, Persons Carrying on Business, Additonal People in the Business, Packet Number and Page Number.

Further information on Firms and people registered to operate firms would require additional research.

Important!It should be noted this is an index of the register entries only and that packet numbers of firms recorded in these registers have not survived. Therefore only the name of individuals operating the firm and the name of the firm may be located.

We hold various records for companies and firms. See the Archives Investigator under Registrar General for a list of records.

Are copies available from this Index?

We do not offer a copy service from this index. Copies can only be ordered at the Western Sydney reading room after viewing the records.

Background to companies registration

The registration of companies, according to the Companies Act, 1899, was undertaken by such registrars, assistant-registrars, clerks and servants as the Governor thought necessary. Between 1899 and 1955, the function of company registration was administered by the Companies and Firms Division of the Deeds Branch of Registrar General's Department. In conjunction with administering the Companies Act this Branch was also responsible for legislation concerning the registration of business names - firstly, the Registration of Firms Act, No. 100.1902 and secondly the Business Names Act, No 50, 1934.


We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have on using the Index.